Hike through the mountains

Get your hiking boots on! The Bardufoss Region offers unlimited hiking opportunities. Come explore the Arctic countryside.

See the midnight sun!

Be sure not to miss out on the midnight sun! Two months of constant daylight. We will take you hunting for the magical summer light.

Learn some geology

The Bardufoss region has an interesting geological history, and we are here to tell you about it! Come with us and learn some geology.


The Målselva river is one of the best salmon fishing rivers in Norway. Our guests have easy access to nearby beats and are well positioned to the mist attractive rods further up the river. The river is a big watercourse for salmon, but it also provides good conditions for trout, grayling and char.

Book your winter adventure for season 2020/2021


Chase the northern lights!

Chase the northern lights from Aurora Sky Point, located 360 meters above sea level. This is one of the most naturally tailored locations to experience the northern lights!


Husky Adventures

Book your tour with dog sleigh through the Arctic wilderness. Speed along the snowy tracks pulled by 4-6 strong and excited husky dogs ready to give you the adventure of a lifetime!

Meet the Sami & the reindeers

Enjoy an unforgettable meeting with the local Sami people. You will get a first hand experience of their culture, and you can feed the reindeer inside the fence or go reindeer sledding!

wild moose3

Wild Moose Safari

An extraordinary adventure you don't want to miss! Join our wild moose safari, trying to get a glimpse of the largest land animal in Europe: The mighty moose!

Snowman Funzone

The climate is getting warmer and snowmen around the world is in great danger of melting. Stay cool and battle global warming by embracing the Snowman!



Enjoy our snowmobile fun tour! Our tracks are well suited for beginners and is by no means an expedition. Easy fun for everyone with a driver's license.