DESTINATION SNOWMAN offers a wide specter of unique adventures in the Arctic, with good accommodation and local food. We are located in the inland of Troms, only two hours by car from Tromsø, and approximately the same from Evenes Airport Narvik/ Harstad. In addition, we are only 20 minutes from Bardufoss Lufthavn (Snowman Int. Airport) with daily flights from Oslo.

NB: Destination Snowman are looking for partners for realizing charter flights to Bardufoss, in 2018/19 and the years to come.

The Snowman activities are truly amazing, and the climate create the very best conditions for snow and ice,and for seeing Aurora. Within one hour, you can go hunting the Northern Lights, enjoy Husky Safari, Sami culture, Wild Moose Safari, Polar Park, Ice Fishing and Whale Safari. And do to forget all kinds of skiing. MÅLSELV FJELLANDSBY offers family friendly slopes for downhill skiing, and a cross country track with, both with breathtaking view. In the mountain you'll also find AURORA PARK TOURIST VISIT CENTER and DMC office.

In the summertime, under the midnight sun, you can go for exclusive Salmon Fishing, in addition to Trout, Char and Graying. You will also find great conditions for Mountain Hiking, Biking, Guided trips, etc. The area has a total capacity of about 500 beds, in high standard cabins, apartments, lodge or at the historical hotel RUNDHAUG GJESTEGÅRD. The reception, restaurant, pub and conference center provides the best service for the guests.

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