Destination Snowman

We are looking for partners to realize charter flights to Bardufoss Lufthavn (Snowman Int. Airport) in 2018/19 and the years to come.
Contact us at +47 91573123 or post@destinationsnowman.no

The Snowman partners are located in Troms, only two hours by car from Tromsø, and approximately the same from Evenes Airport Narvik/ Harstad.
Our main airport is Bardufoss Lufthavn (Snowman Int. Airport). BDU already have severale daily route flights to and from Oslo. BDU is perfect also for charterflights.

Arriving at BDU is arriving “in the middle” of the adventures! Within 120 minutes you can fullfill most of the item of your “Bucket List”. In addition you will be very close to famous places in Arctic, see below distance by car/bus, from BDU:

– Tromsø 2 hrs
– Polar Park 60 minutes
– Senja 40 minutes
– Kiruna 3 hrs. 33 min
– Abisko 2 hrs. 30
– Enotekio Airport 30 mil – Kittele, Levi 40 mil

The area has a total capacity of about 1500 beds, in high standard cabins, apartments, lodge, hotels and historical hotel. Arriving BDU the guests don’t need to travel for hours to get to their accommodations. See below distance from BDU to hotels, cabins, appartments:

– Hamn in Senja (250 beds) 1hrs 40 min
– Målselv Fjellandsby (250 beds) 25 min
– Rundhaug Gjestegård 22 min. to (42 beds/ 22 rooms,
– Bardufoss Hotel 4 min. (112 beds/ 58 rooms)
– Finnsnes Hotel 45 min. (100 beds/ 56 rooms)
– Fjellkysten (76 beds/ 28 rooms) 70 min.

The Snowman activities are truly amazing, unique and autentic. The climate create the very best conditions for snow and ice,and for seeing Aurora. Within 120 minutes you can go hunting the Northern Lights, enjoy Husky Safari, Sami culture and Reindeer, Wild Moose Safari, Polar Park, Ice Fishing, Fjord Safari, Whale Safari, Ice & Snow, all kinds of skiing, etc.

In summertime, under the Midnight Sun, you can go for exclusive Salmon Fishing in the famous river Målselva, Trout, Char, Graying and of course Sea Fishing. You will also find great conditions for Mountain Hiking, Biking, Guided trips, etc.
But there is another reason to go there too; the authenticity.
In addition, the visitors are positively surprised by the level of culture and service.

Your Snowman Destination Management Company (DMC), is possessing extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources, specializing in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation and program logistics.
We also provides ground service based on local knowledge of the Snowman destinations.

Our group handling Experience that is on offer to tour operators is a major factor that significantly lowers the risk of complaints, and the same time ensure your customers will enjoy a holiday experience that offers the highest level of customers service.