Vision and services

Our vision is to make the Bardufoss Region one of the most preferred travel destination of the north. Our mission is to market and sell carefully selected travel and tourism based services in the region surrounding Bardufoss Airport. Destination Snowman can own and operate activities, accommodations and restaurants, in addition to taking care of sales, marketing and booking for companies who wish to subcontract these services. 

As of today, Destination Snowman is a salesforce for Rundhaug Gjestegård and Basecamp Snowman amongst others, including numerous activities. 

The company serves as a DMC (Destination Management Company) in connection with group arrivals. Destination Snowman will in addition sell travel and tourism based consulting services, take on typical destination tasks for regions, and take on PR assignments. 


Rundhaug Gjestegård AS (Org. nr. 998530296) is the legal owner of the brands “Destination Snowman” and “Visit Bardufoss”. Our future goal is to establish an independent company with the two brands, hopefully with several owners. Destination Snowman is used to market towards the international market, whilst Visit Bardufoss is used towards the norwegian market. 

The snowman is our mascot, and intend to symbolize arctic nature such as wild snow, the northern lights, salmon, and to emphasize our advantages as a sustainable tourism destination.

The team

Reidun L. Traasdahl Nilsen

Reidun has her background as a journalist, as she worked 30 years for a regional newspaper. She has worked as communications manager for Målselv Mountain Village who recieved HSMAI PR awards in Oslo and London. For several years she managed Snowman Booking in the mountain village, and has later played a central role for tour operators worldwide directed by Visit Snowman. Reidun is a co-owner of the historic hotel Rundhaug Gjestegård and the visitor center of Basecamp Snowman. Reidun lives in Målselv with her husband, and works mostly with the strategic parts of the business and with tour operators worldwide. 

Karianne Drage

Karianne is originally a geologist, who has now landed in the tourism business. She has experience in the tourism business both operationally and not least within digital marketing and sales. Karianne is the project manager of Destination Snowman and Visit Bardufoss, and is the one who leads the daily sales and marketing work. She has particular responsibilty for individual and group bookings within the norwegian market. Karianne lives in Oslo with her boyfriend and their dog, and commutes to Bardufoss regularly. 

The reception

Geographically, our reception is placed where we have the greatest activity, and this changes throughout the year between Basecamp Snowman and Rundhaug Gjestegård, or wherever we receive larger groups of guests. We are however always available on phone and e-mail! Our booking phone is operated between 9AM and 5PM. Call us on +4777830570 or send us an e-mail on 

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