Basecamp Snowman is located in the mountain at 360 hightmeters, in beautiful Målselv Fjellandsby, Bardufoss Region, Northern Norway.
The view is amazing! The main building is 1400 sqm and with a high standard. See below;

RECEPTION: Book adventures and accommodation, P:+4777830570,
SHOP: Local souveniers
CAFE: Local meals, cakes, drinks, pre book lunch and dinner. Speciality: Homemade soups
PUB: Drinks and snacks
RESTAURANT: Dining with a view (!), good traditional food
SHOP: Local product; souvenirs and craftsmanship
PRE SHOW ROOM: Info before you take off into the wilderness
MEETING ROOM: Open for conferances, meetings, kick off, event
DMC: Destination Snowman is located at Basecamp Snowman, book all you need
CAMPING HOTEL: Accommodation; indoor and outdoor camping/ apartements

Outside the door at Basecamp Snowman you will find several activities present, see below:
AURORA SKY POINT:  Aurora shelter at one of the very best spots in the world to hunt the Northern Light   
Reindeer inside and outside the fences
SNOWMAN FUN ZONE: Try classic winter activities, snowballs, snow angels, build a snowman, tobogganing, etc
CROSS COUNTRY TRACK: Tracks in beautiful nature
SNOWSHOES RENTAL: Head off on your own
ALPINE SLOPES: Family friendly slopes, skirental aveiable

SNOWSHOE TRACK: Rent snowshoes, go on your own
HUSKY FARM: Five minutes away