Destination Snowman

Basecamp Snowman is located in the mountain at 360 hightmeters, in beautiful Målselv Fjellandsby, Bardufoss Region, Northern Norway.
The view is amazing! The main building is 1400 sqm and with a high standard. See below;

RECEPTION: Book adventures and accommodation, P:+4777830570, booking@destinationsnowman.no
SHOP: Local souveniers
CAFE: Local meals, cakes, drinks, pre book lunch and dinner. Speciality: Homemade soups
PUB: Drinks and snacks
RESTAURANT: Dining with a view (!), good traditional food
SHOP: Local product; souvenirs and craftsmanship
PRE SHOW ROOM: Info before you take off into the wilderness
MEETING ROOM: Open for conferances, meetings, kick off, event
DMC: Destination Snowman is located at Basecamp Snowman, book all you need
CAMPING HOTEL: Accommodation; indoor and outdoor camping/ apartements

Outside the door at Basecamp Snowman you will find several activities present, see below:
AURORA SKY POINT:  Aurora shelter at one of the very best spots in the world to hunt the Northern Light   
Reindeer inside and outside the fences
SNOWMAN FUN ZONE: Try classic winter activities, snowballs, snow angels, build a snowman, tobogganing, etc
CROSS COUNTRY TRACK: Tracks in beautiful nature
SNOWSHOES RENTAL: Head off on your own
ALPINE SLOPES: Family friendly slopes, skirental aveiable

SNOWSHOE TRACK: Rent snowshoes, go on your own
HUSKY FARM: Five minutes away