Experience the fantastic Bardufoss Region

Visit the Bardufoss Region

Do you want to experience more than the town life? The Bardufoss Region has a lot of exciting experiences to offer, all year! You can easily reach the Bardufoss Region by bus or car from Tromsø within two hours – perfect for day trips! Even the drive itself is worth the trip with its amazing scenery along the fjords and the mountains. In the Bardufoss Region you are able to meet our fabulous guides who communicates the local and Sámi culture in the most astounding ways, they will bring you along for safaris in the wilderness, dog sledding or to fantastic locations to chase the northern lights. With the wilderness as your nearest neighbor you will find countless options for hiking, both with and without guiding. We have magnificent nature and wildlife all the way from mountains to fjords, and experiences that will show you the best of our region. Expand your horizons – make time for a day trip to the Bardufoss Region! 

If you wish to stay overnight we can offer you some of our greatest accommodations! Stay at the historic hotel Rundhaug Gjestegård, in our glamorous indoor camping at Basecamp Snowman in Målselv Mountain Village, or in a fully equipped apartment – close to the wilderness!

See you in the Bardufoss Region!

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