We provide different options for fishing. Salmon fishing is without a doubt our bestseller, however, we do recommend trying out our other fishing experiences! 

All of our alternatives for fishing are booked upon request. 



Målselv River is one of the best salmon rivers in Norway. Målselva flows from the border region of Sweden to its outlet into the Målselv Fjord. The river is medium to large size with many and varied pools providing quite superb fly water. About 30 km from the river’s outlet is Målselvfossen (the Målselv Waterfall), a 500 m long waterfall with two separate rapids. A 400 m long salmon ladder is situated alongside the waterfall, where there is an aquarium-like viewing area where visitors can see the salmon during their migration up the waterfall. The river is a big watercourse for salmon, but it also provides good conditions for trout, grayling and char.

The idyllic and traditional Rundhaug Gjestegård overlooks the river and with the majestic mountains as a background. Our guests have easy access to nearby beats and are well positioned to the most attractive rods further upstream. The English first discovered the Målselva River in 1840 and it has been visited by fishing enthusiasts from around the world ever since. The book “A Fly Fisher’s Life” by Charles Ritz, published in 1959, describes the author’s trip to Rundhaug Gjestegård, the Målselv River and the Målselv Waterfall. He wrote: “The hotel lies on the great bend in the Målselv, in which we noticed many rises. A quick glance told us that they were grayling.” Rundhaug Gjestegård was build in 1905. It has been recently modernized and new local owners offers guests a warm and traditional welcome with a plentiful atmosphere of the old world charm, steeped in angling history.

Over the past few years, the Salmon fishing in Målselv River has been great. We can offer fishing in separate beats, very attractive - some exclusive and some special beats for a set number of anglers.


Visit the fishing paradise in Arctic; Bardufoss region in Northern Norway! Enjoy the wilderness and the magnificent fishing spots for catching Trout, Char, Grayling and Seatrout. You will always long to come back! The guide will pick you up at hotel reception and bring you by car to this secret and exotic wonderland for fishing. The first hour you will be guided. Different rivers and lakes are available, most of them keeping Trout, Arctic Char and Grayling. And in the late season - in some very secret rivers - you can even get Salmon. Welcome to nature!


See the beautiful Målselv River from a different angle: join our fantastic river raft! This raft is not of the adventurous type, but a calm and slow floating experience. The river safari starts upstream and we will go ashore just outside of Rundhaug Gjestegård. Along the way we will take a break on the riverside where we will create a bonfire and serve coffee. Your guides are well experienced! We will provide you with lifejackets. Please wear clothing and shoes you can allow to get wet - we can not guarantee dry feet!