Welcome to our fishing paradise!

The Bardufoss region is a paradise for salmon fishing – and all other fishing! The fantastic Målselva river is one of the most attractive salmon rivers in Norway, and it has been caught samlon up to 26 kgs! The Målselva river is also one of the best rivers for sea trout, and it has a great population of grayling. 

Rundhaug Gjestegård is a legendary salmon hotel which disposes its own zones just outside the hotel door. In addition, the Bardufoss region has rich populations of arctic fish species like trout, arctic char, grayling and more. The sea is also close, where you can go sea fishing. There’s an option for all!

We gladly help you tailor your stay – please contact us!

Book beats on, search for “Rundhaug Gjestegård”. Book online here.

We remind all our fishing guests from 18 years of age to purchase the national fishing fee.
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We are happy to help you plan your stay. Please call us directly on phone number (+47) 77830570 to hear our suggestions for exclusive salmon fishing in our top beats in the upper part of Målselva river. We offer accommodation at the historical salmon hotel Rundhaug Gjestegård or in one of our cabins and apartments, or in a caravan on the riverside. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel. We serve excellent local dishes! You can even have your dinner served by 


the river! Let us know, and we’ll send our chef out to serve you. We recommend you to drive your own vehicle, as some of the beats are further away from the hotel. We can help you with booking a rental car – or we can arrange a shuttle to your beat. Rent fishing equipment at the hotel! Fishing rods (not fly fishing rods) and waders are available for rent. You can even rent a fishing guide! Read more about our beats below. 


Are you dreaming of a fishing experience a little out of the ordinary? We offer highly attractive beats above the Målselva Falls, and combined with accommodation at the fishing hotel Rundhaug Gjestegård, everything is set for exclusive salmon fishing! Rundhaug Gjestegård celebrates 115 years this year, and has since its opening in 1905 been a beloved fishing hotel for enthusiasts from all over the world. The hotel’s restaurant serves local dishes and is focused on quality and local flavours. Maybe you would like your dinner served on the riverside? The fishing season is open from June 15 to August 26. Fishing equipment (not fly fishing rods) kan be rented at Rundhaug Gjestegård. A knowledgeable fishing guide is also available for booking!


The salmon hotel Rundhaug Gjestegård disposes fantastic salmon beats above and below the Rundhaug bridge in Målselv. You can buy fishing licenses by calling our reception: (+47) 77830570, sending us an e-mail to or by filling out ur website’s contact form. You can also book an appointment to meet our staff in the hotel reception at Rundhaug Gjestegård to buy your fishing licenses. Payment by “Vipps”, invoice or over the counter in our reception. Above the Målselva Falls the fishing season opens on June 15 and closes on August 26. 

See our overview of fishing beats in the “hotel zone” below. Beats are booked on


One of our most attractive zones. Stretches from Rundhaug Bridge and ca. 250 meters downstream. Varying streams and depth. One area of deep water. Has a lean shelter with bonfire.


Great zone, ca. 250 meters long with pebbles. Shallow waters, perfect for fly fishing. Has a narrow area in the zone with strong currents.


Great pool in the Målselva River with a length of ca. 250 meters. Shallow waters, pebbles. Excellent for classical fly fishing. Waders are recommended.


Top zone, in close proximity of Rundhaug Gjestegård. The river makes a turn from stream to deeper waters. Ca. 300-400 meters walk to the beat. Waders are necessary.


Zone in the Målselva river close to Rundhaug Gjestegård. Has a small bar. Narrow, high current. Waders are needed at high water levels. Short walk from parking lot. Easily accessible beat.


Zone approx. 350 meters long close to Rundhaug Gjestegård. Great beat, but not recommended for fly fishing due to vegetation and encroahments. Opposite fishing is practiced in this zone.


The river makes a turn in to a deep and still pool. Excellent for both fly fishing and worming. Opposite fishing is practiced. Day licences only!


Straight stretch upstream from Tvillingnesøra close to Rundhaug center. The pool is deepes upstream and transforms into a stream before the river turns.


This zone is placed by the mouth of Kirkeselva. In this zone you can fish for salmon, trout and grayling. The river is deep along the riverside and is suitable for both fly and worming.


The middle part of Målselva river has a tradition of fishing for salmon by boat, called “dorging” or “trolling”. The boat has low speed whilst the fishing line hangs from the rod outside of the boat. Only the most experienced salmon fishers knows where to find the fish! We recommend boat fishing with guide. The fishing season starts on June 15 and lasts until September 15. 

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