There are two – three daily flights from and to Oslo every day.
The flights are run by Norwegian and the tour one way takes less than two hours.

BARDUFOSS LUFTHAVN – Aurora destination airport!
Welcome to Bardufoss Region! You are now in the middle of the Aurora Zone, with the very best snow, ice and Northern Lights and with a wide specter of amazing activities within the reach of one hour.

WHERE: Målselv kommune, 9325 Bardufoss, Troms, Northern Norway.

STATUS: Main airport for Midt Troms (66.000 p), civil and military airport, Owner: Avinor

CAPACITY: Runway 2443 m/ 8015 ft

Flights 2015: 6462

Passengers 2015: 225893

ROUTE FLIGHTS: 2-4 arrivals and dep every day by Norwegian from Oslo.

Eks of arrivals: 10.50/ 16.35/ 22.40
Arrivals and departures by Widerøe t/r Bodø, Tromsø etc.

Bardufoss Airport is in the middle of the adventures! Arriving at Bardufoss Lufthavn you are close to several famous places in Arctic , see below distance by car/bus:
– 1 hrs. 57 min. to Tromsø
– 60 minutes to Polar Park
– 40 minutes to Senja
– 3 hrs. 33 min. to Kiruna
– 2 hrs. 30 min to Abisko Sky Station

– 20 min. to Rundhaug Gjestegård (42 beds/ 22 rooms, cabins, apartments)
– 20 min to Basecamp Snowman (30 beds/ camping hotel/ apartments)
– 20 min to Målselv Fjellandsby (250 beds/ cabins, apartments)
– 5 min. to Bardufoss Hotel (112 beds/ 58 rooms)
– 45 min. to Finnsnes Hotel (100 beds/ 56 rooms)
– 1hrs 36 min to Hamn in Senja (250 beds)
– Fjellkysten (76 beds/ 28 rooms)

No one can guarantee a sighting of the aurora borealis, but this superb winter destination really  boost your chances. Destination Snowman is right in the middle of the aurora oval at 69oN. The climate is cold and dry with perfect conditions for snow, ice and Northern Light.  Half an hour from the ocean the surrounding mountains of Målselv valley keep the skies almost clear and the light pollution is next to nothing. The valley has more nights of clear skies than anywhere in Europe, those maxi mills the chances to see the Aurora.
In Snowman you can choose between many ways of hunting the Aurora, out in the wilderness, up in the mountain, down in the valley, at the seaside – the beauty of the nature is stunning.

Go to Snowman to fulfil a “bucket list” item! We can offer a wide specter of unique, personal and speculate adventures, both summer and winter. Below you will find some of the high lights, but there is a lot more!

AURORA SKY POINT- ultimate Aurora mountain spot, 360 meter above ground, open fire, guide and pre show.
ICE CLIMBING in frozen waterfalls under the Northern Light
FEED THE REINDEER – Authentic Sami host, laavo, feed the reindeer
HUSKY – Visit a Husky Farm, get to know the dogs, go for a Husky Safari in the Arctic wilderness
POLAR PARK –home of Norway’s large predators such as bears, wolves (get at wolf kiss), wolverines,etc
WINTER FUN – skiresort alpine, cross country, snowshoes, playing in the snow

FISHING – salmon, trout, greyling in the inland, halibut, cod, etc in the ocean
HIKING – with or without guide, hundreds of marked tracks through amazing nature
BIKING – Rent a bike, follow the map along quiet roads through breath taken landscape
MIDNIGHT SUN ADVENTURE – outdoor dinner by the riverside or in the high, arctic mountain