Explore the wilderness of the Bardufoss Region

Hiking in the Bardufoss Region

The summer months are perfect for exploring the wilderness by foot. The Bardufoss Region has a lot of wilderness and hiking trails, and a lot of space! Our nearest hiking adventure begins right outside the doors of Basecamp Snowman! 

Based upon your previous hiking experience, you may choose a hiking option well suited for your level: beginner, intermediate or experienced. You may choose to book a guided hiking experience on Senja island or by Altevatn lake and you are free to walk the trails on your own, and if you wish to book a guide for your desired hike, please contact us. 

Guided hiking experiences


Our beginner trails are meant for you who have little or no experience with hiking in the nature. The Bardufoss Region has a lot of hiking options well suited for beginners or families with small children! Please take a look at our recommended hiking options below. Please be aware that some of the hiking options have little or no signs along the trail. 

If you have no experience with hiking, we recommend that you book a guided hiking experience. Please contact us for booking your guide!

Try a little, learn a little

Very easy walk, for families and beginners. This hiking experience starts at Basecamp Snowman where you can get your map in the reception. Follow the instructions and head out into the nature surrounding Basecamp to look for 10 checkpoints on your map. Each checkpoint has a question for you to answer. Hand in your answers to the reception when you return to Basecamp and receive a surprise!

Included: Map, competition rules, a surprise after the hike

A walk along Målselva River

When you’re staying at Rundhaug Gjestegård, you have several hiking options just outside the hotel doors. Our best and most scenic hiking option is walking along Målselva River towards Tvillingneset. Pick up your map in the hotel reception. This is a flat hike, with no need for advanced hiking gear. Fill your thermos with coffee or tea, and enjoy a hot drink by the river.

Visit Målselv Falls

Easy walk for families and beginners along the banks of the National Falls of Norway; Målselvfossen. You can walk along the riverbank and visit “Kulpen” below the falls. If available, you may visit “Laksesjået”, where you can see the wild Arctic Salmon going up the ladder in the river (ticket entry).


Mountain hiking in unfamiliar areas can be quite challenging, however, we have gathered a collection of intermediate hiking experiences for you! To embark on an intermediate hiking experience, we recommend you to have some experience with mountain hiking and have basic navigation skill, and know how to use a map and compass. 

The trails suited for intermediate level hikers are not too long – their durations are up to half day. The terrain is not flat and you follow narrow hiking trails, so we recommend that you wear stable hiking boots. 

Mauken massif

Mauken, 600 meters above sea level, suitable for hikers with intermediate experience and children over 10 years. This hiking options starts at Basecamp Snowman in Målselv Mountain Village at 360 meters above sea level. You follow the trails past the old cabin “Roa” and continue to the top of Mauken. 

Finnbruene and the potholes

Visit the amazing old pine forest in Øvre Dividalen National Park, an ancient Sami culture landcape. Here you will find “Finnbruene” used by the Sami and their reindeer herds in earlier times. In addition, you can experience the impressing potholes, formed by rocks and water. .


If you drive your own car, we recommend a trip towards Målsnes! Between the fjords you can walk up to Varto, a hill at 216 meters above sea level, with a fantastic view in all directions. Park your car at the parking lot by the community house on top of Eide and follow the signs northwards to Varto.

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