A unique and social sleeping experience

New and exciting

The indoor camping at Basecamp Snowman is the place to be for togetherness, bliss and warmth! In our exciting camping zone you can rent glamping tents, lavvus and our fabulous mini caravans, and use our enjoyable social spaces, a perfect arena for creating pleasant memories together with your friends, family and loved ones. Experience the best of the camping world – with comfortable temperatures, without mosquitos or sore backs. The camping area has a nice and stabile climate, even when the norther lights are flickering obove your roofs. In our indoor camping sleeping pads have been replaced with spacious and comfortable beds, soft mattresses and clean and comfy linen – a feeling of luxury! Order your breakfast as room service and eat on your bed when you want a slow morning, or eat together with your crew in our restaurant area. The restaurant is open every day and serve delicious food! If you wish to have a unique food experience, you can order a food box to bring out in our grill hut at Aurora Sky Point, where you can cook your own meal!

Indoor camping is perfect when the family long for a special and memorable experience – it is fun for all ages! For the little ones we have a large play room and a slide, and we have games and activities for the whole family. On the second floor you will find Loftet Pub. 

Basecamp is a lovely venue for a weekend away with your friends, for birthday celebrations or business trips, whenever you want to experience something extra.

The heart of the Bardufoss Region

Basecamp Snowman is located in the heart of the Bardufoss Region with lots of exciting activities and experiences. The cross-country ski tracks can be found just outside the doors, and the alpine ski resort of Målselv Mountain Village is found only 5 minutes of walking from Basecamp! On Basecamp Snowman you can rent snowshoes and explore the area on your own, or you can book a guided tour. 

Basecamp Snowman is a visitor center and the starting point for many of the activities offered by Destination Snowman, like wild moose safari and the norther lights experience at Aurora Sky Point. The grill hut at Aurora Sky Point is available for rent, and is a perfect location for barbecuing and drinks under a warming blanket through the night! If you with to increase the level of excitement, you can experience activities like dog sledding and snowmobile driving close to Basecamp! 

If you drive your own car, the whole Bardufoss Region is ready to be explored! The water park “Polarbadet” is located only 20 minutes from Basecamp by car, an excellent activity for the whole family. Southward along the E6, about 1,5 hours away from Basecamp, you will find the world’s northermost animal park: Polar Park. Meet the brown bear, lynx, wolf and wolverine, and lots of other exciting animals! 


Please contact us for booking your tent! We are available for bookings from February 4th 2021.