Foto: Magnus Östh, Visma Ski Classics.

Pure Arctic Madness!

Foto: Magnus Östh, Visma Ski Classics.


Reistadløpet was first arranged in 1958 and is one of Norway’s most traditional cross-country skiing competitions. The race was established in memory and honor of colonel Ole Reistad. He was a skier and athletic competitor, most known for leading the norwegian skiing team to victory in the olympics in St. Moritz in 1928. 

The ski race is arranged at 69° north, and is thus the northernmost race in Visma Ski Classics. You can choose to race 50 or 34 kilometers, and whichever you choose you will race through a fantastic arctic mountainous landscape from Setermoen to Bardufoss. A children’s race is also arranged in Setermoen center the Friday before the race: The Children’s Reistad Sprint. From 2017, Reistadløpet has been a part of Visma Ski Classics, the world cup of long cross-country ski races, with the trademark “Pure Arctic Madness!” 

Foto: Magnus Östh, Visma Ski Classics.

Create a complete ski vacation

Make Reistadløpet your complete ski vacation. The Bardufoss Region is available with its spectacular landscapes and filled with exceptional options for great experiences and pleasant meetings with the likeminded. You will stay close to the wilderness, with great alternatives for transfer to and from the area, and to exciting experiences. 

Book experinces and activities before and after Reistadløpet!

Stay at historic Rundhaug Gjestegård

Rundhaug Gjestegård is located in the middle of Målselv municipality, only a 20 minutes drive from Bardufoss Airport. The hotel has 22 rooms and 42 beds, a restaurant and a pub. Eat a delicious local dinner in the hotel’s dining hall, and warm up by the fireplace with a hot chocolate. 

The hotel is located approximately 40 kilometers from the ski arena on Setermoen and 25 kilometers from the arena on Rustahøgda in Bardufoss. It has a large parking area right outstide the doors. Dogs are allowed in the room for a cleaning fee. 

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