Rundhaug Gjestegård is a beautiful historical hotel with a unique atmosphere, located only 20 minutes from Bardufoss Airport and two hours from Tromsø. The hotel is 115 years old and is situated on the banks of Målselva river. It was built in 1905 and has has a very interesting history. The hotel is known for Salmon Fishing and has its own exclusive beats. The hotel has been visited by many well-known people, like the film

star Sonia Hennie, General Montgomery, Keiser Wilhelm, HM Kronprins Haakon and the famous author Wilbur Smith. The hotel has 22 rooms and 42 beds, each of the rooms are unique has it’s own character. Some of them are named after famous guests. The restaurant has a capacity of approximately 100 guests, the same with the nice Amanda Pub.