Our fantastic beats in the hotel zone

All beats are available for booking. E-mail to post@rundhauggjestegard.no 


One of our most attractive beats. Stretches from Rundhaug Bridge and ca. 250 meters downstream. Varying streams and depth. One area of deep water. Has a lean shelter with bonfire.


Top beat, in close proximity of Rundhaug Gjestegård. The river makes a turn from stream to deeper waters. Ca. 300-400 meters walk to the beat. Waders are necessary.


Beat by the outlet of Kirkeselva to Målselva river. Available for salmon, trout and grayling. The river is deep and is best suited for fly fishing and worming. 

Kirkesnesøra nedre

Great pool in the Målselva River with a length of ca. 250 meters. Shallow waters, pebbles. Excellent for classical fly fishing. Waders are recommended.

Kirkesnesøra øvre

Great beat, ca. 250 meters long with pebbles. Shallow waters, perfect for fly fishing. Has a narrow area with strong currents.


This beat is located upstream from Heimnesøra. Great beat for fly fishing with low waters (not well suited when river is flooding). 

Tvillingneset øst

Great beat downstream from Rundhaug center. Pool located over Tvillingnesøra, deep in the upper parts and ends up in a current. Vegetation and encroahments, not well suited for fly fishing. 

Båtstøa på Nymo

A fantastic beat located about 5 km upstream from Rundhaug, well suited for groups. Great area on land with bonfires, a grill, long table and a lean shelter, all easily available. Recommended for four rods, but available for more. 

Send a request for salmon fishing in the hotel zone

Please provide desired date, time of day and name of beat. Please note that the beats will be assigned and distributed in March 2021. 

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