• Geo Hiking w/guide (daytrip from Tromsø)


    This product includes bus tickets (round trip) from Tromsø to Destination Snowman and lunch.
    Price: NOK 1695 per person
    Duration: 2-3 hours
    Meet-up: Basecamp Snowman

  • Geo Hiking w/guide


    Activity only: NOK 995 pp. (Incl.: guide, local transfer, coffee/tea, cake)
    Duration: 2-3 hours
    Meet-up: Basecamp Snowman at 10:00 


  • Hiking in Snowman

    kr3,450.00 / night

    The Målselv region offers almost unlimited hiking opportunities. Intoxicating summit experiences. Unique mountain views. Rustic mountain huts. Guests can experience all this and more with the free mountain hiking program from June to September. Walk the lonely tracks of the National Park Øvre Dividal National Park in the inner part of Målselv - this is one of the last real wilderness in Europe! Or enjoy an easy walk along marked tracks at a mountain by the ocean, you never forget the sight of the beautiful Fjords of Snowman region. Go on your own or hire a guide to show you the way.

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  • Salmon Fishing exclusive

    kr8,000.00 / night

    Målselv River is one of the best Salmon River in Norway. Målselva flows from the border region of Sweden to its outlet into the Målselv Fiord. The river is medium to large size with many and varied pools, providing quite superb fly water. About 30km from the outlet is Målselvfossen (the Målselv Waterfall), a 500 meter long waterfall with two separate rapids. A 400 meter long salmon ladder is situated alongside the waterfall. In addition you can explore an aquarium-like viewing area where visitors can see the salmon during their migration up the waterfall. The river is a big watercourse for salmon, but it also provides good conditions for trout, grayling and char.
    The idyllic and traditional hotel Rundhaug Gjestegård overlooks the river, sourrounded by majestic mountains. It has easy access to nearby beats and well positioned to the most attractive further up river. Rundhaug Gjestegård has been recently modernised and new local owners offers guests a warm and traditional welcome with a plentiful atmosphere of the old world charm, steeped in angling history.

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