Aurora Sky Point (activity only)


Take on the adventure today! Hunt the Northern Light at the top of the world!
The Aurora Sky Point is located in the mountain, 360 meter above ground in the inland of the Målselv region in Norwegian Lapland. This area is the ultimate place to see the Northern Light; mostly clear skies and sub-zero temperatures and dark.


Book a visit to the Aurora Sky Point in the mountain, just outside Basecamp
Snowman IN Målselv Fjellandsby. This is one of the very best spot to hunt the Northern Light; mostly clear skies and sub-zero temperatures, very little light pollution and free sight to the northern sky. A photographer will help you to take the best pictures of Aurora (and you). Coffee/tea and cakes will be served by the open fire. At the basecamp you will find a shop, café, toilet, etc. The photos taken during the adventure will be made available for you after the trip. As extra you can book two course evening meal. Also you can book entrance to the Reindeer herd and take photos.

PRICE: NOK 1550,- per pers. (Guide, photographer, coffee/tea and cakes, open fire)


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