Wild Moose Safari (daytrip w/bus)


Meet the King of the forest, the mighty Moose! The Snowman area in Målselv region has a big population of wild moose. These magnificent animals live in the deep arctic forests. Your adventure start in Aurora Park in Målselv Mountain Village or at your hotel.


(Photo: Steve Karlsen)
This is an extraordinary adventure, not to be missed! Join us at a Wild Moose Safari in Magical Målselv, aiming to observe the largest land animal in Europe. A fully grown Moose bull is over 2 meters high at the shoulders and weighs up to 750 kg (1650 lb). Cows seldom weigh more than 470 kg (1035 lb). The magnificent Norwegian Moose lives free in the deep Arctic forest. Keep in mind that Moose are shy animals. We don’t feed them and they don’t seem to get used to people. We aim to find them in their natural habitat. And most of the time we do!
The adventure starts at Basecamp Snowman with 20 minutes pre-show in “The Moose Room” to learn about the amazing Moose, the human and the Moose, the local hunting culture, the secrets on how to track and find moose, etc. You will meet live the very special Norwegian Moose hunting dog; Laika.
Also you can take a photo of yourself and the Moose at our “Moose Selfie Spot”. The café and shop is open, offering Norwegian “vaffel” and drinks, and souvenirs. After the show we are departing for a safari by bus/ car, driving through the forest in search of Moose and other wildlife. We aim to observe the animals from a respectful distance from the van, and whenever we get the chance, we step out to get a bit closer and to increase the chances for better photos. In the end we will stop at a wooden laavo, close to where the Moose almost daily are walking along an invisible path.  Carefully and in complete silence we are walking by foot about half an hour along a narrow road in the forest, looking for the Moose. Back in laavo, we will enjoy hot Moose snaps, while getting your own Moose Certificate!

Departure time and place TROMSØ: 9am (09:00) from Scandic Ishavshotel.back in town at 18.00. The bus is run by the company Bussring, and is marked with “The Arctic Route”. The bus is modern and comfortable with Navi guiding, toilet, coffee/tea.

PRICE from Tromsø with Arctic Route: Daytrip NOK 2495 pp. (Guide, lunch, transfer, snacks)
Only activity : NOK 1550 pp (Incl. Guide, transfer, snacks, coffee/ tea)


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