Rundhaug Gjestegård

Rundhaug Gjestegård is a beautiful, historic hotel with a unique atmosphere, situated only 20 minutes from Snowman Int. Airport Bardufoss Lufthavn and two hours by car from Tromsø and most the same from Evenes.
The white, 108-year-old wooden hotel, on the banks of the river Målselva has a magic charm. Rundhaug Gjestegård offers good food and personalized service, in addition to many exciting and exotic activities.

Rundhaug Gjestegård has 22 rooms, with a total of 40 beds. Rooms range from small, romantic single to double with features from new and old times, each of them with a unique design and charm. 11 of the rooms do have the bathroom at the hall.

The hotel has a good kitchen offering nice breakfast, lunch and dinner. Gourmet meals and good wine can be ordered in our restaurant "Big Salmon". About 100 seats.

The pub is charming in a kind of English style, about 160 seats. 

The shop is next door to the hotel. Buy food, papers and some equipment for out door life.

20 minutes by bus/ car from The Snowman Airport, Bardufoss.
Two hours by car from Tromsø town and Evenes Airport.
Taxi, car rental and private transfer available at the hotel, booked upfront.
Daily bus from Troms and Narvik 01.12 - 31.03